Ancestor History – Edward Hunter Esquire

Edward Hunter Esquire – my great-great-great-great grandfather was born in Newport, Pennsylvania in the mid 1700’s. At the time Pennsylvania was a colony in New England. His father, Captain John Hunter emigrated there from Ireland.

Edward Esquire was a respectable, well-educated man. His peers thought highly of him, as he was a true gentleman. He actively served in his community in several different roles. Many people commissioned him to perform legal work for them due to his education and his reputation of being an honest man.

Edward Esquire was also into the politics of the time. Among his peers were several members of the Congress who were major contributors to the forming of the United States of America, such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. He counseled with these individuals, and was a good friend to them.

Edward experienced an unfortunate death in 1805. He was murdered in his own back yard by an angered neighbor who felt he was cheated in the death will Edward Esquire helped develop for his father.

Edward Hunter, faithful steward. 
by William E. Hunter ; edited by Janath Russell Cannon


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